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Brisbane Adams and Kimberly Taylor had been friends, rivals and potential love interests when they worked in the Minerva Theatre. Just as they were getting close to figuring each other out, the Minerva Theater shut down. As their friends scattered to the winds, Brisbane - now jobless and homeless - was left to fend for himself. The only person he could turn to was his friend, rival and potential love interest, Kimberly Taylor.

The two of them faced the world, both its victories and defeats, together... and cautiously waited to see who would be the one to make the first move - who would say it first...

You Say it First is the sequel to Unlike Minerva. You could start there if you're a completist. Or we've got a nice jumping-on point about halfway in, if you're in a hurry.

It ran from 2004 and concluded in 2013. We recommend starting at the beginning.

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ND Unlimited News

05.19.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Isabel's birthday is next week! So to celebrate, we're taking a little break. There will be a week of Nicole and Derek Asks, which we'll move to the end of the arc when it's done. In the meantime, Friday's comic is being worked on, and will be up during the day; neither of us are feeling exactly well, which is the other reason we're doing this. So we kinda need a break and Isabel's birthday week seems the best time to do it.
04.05.2016 - Terrence Marks:
New fanart of Miss Fluffy!
Check out this amazing thing! A friend of ours is doing commissions and raising money for a service dog. So check it out here.
04.04.2016 - Terrence Marks:
We have not yet been contacted by Google with a generous offer to buy out Nicole and Derek. It turns out that this whole "put googly eyes on your comic, get bought by Google" thing was an elaborate April Fools' prank that we fell for. We would like to apologize for putting all of you through this. To whoever set us up on this one - well played. We'll go back to making the comic normally and try to make ten million dollars the slow way.
04.01.2016 - Terrence Marks:
So you're wondering why we've added googly eyes to the comics.

Simple. Brand integration. We're letting Google know that Nicole and Derek could be a strong addition to their brand and that we're open to offers. Because if you're going to buy a webcomic to promote your search engine, we're the only choice. Because really, where else are you going to go? Barney Google? He doesn't even show up in his own comic anymore.

Why not contact Google directly? Because they're Google. They already know we did this. They're probably discussing how many self-driving cars to give us as a signing bonus. We'll let you know when the deal is finalized.
02.29.2016 - Isabel Marks:
Hi everyone, a while back I mentioned that I was aiming on having The NDU return from it's hiatus in March, but the more I try to work on it, the more unmotivated I feel. I'm thinking the series is going to go on an indefinite hiatus.

The long and short of it is right now I do not have the right motivation to start a series where it's going to take at least a year before it starts picking up momentum. And considering I've been sick with a cold (and now bronchitis) for the past two months, I do not see that inspiration coming back to me. In the past two months I've gotten three comics written. That's terrible. And only so much of that can be blamed on me being sick and out of it. It takes a lot of me both psychically and emotionally to continue to do comics, so right now I think my best bet is to work on Nicole and Derek to get it to a point where it gives me the energy to work on more series... with the (very) random Wonder Kitten thrown in when I have an idea for them.

If you all want to help, the best thing for the comic is to spread the word about Nicole and Derek and Wonder Kittens. Have conversations in the comments... and have patience with your depressed artist and sometimes- writers. I know it's a lot to ask, and I thank you all.

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You Say it First has been on the web since February 2004 concluded in January 2013.