About You Say it First
You Say it First is a love story about what happens after you get the girl. Its genre is somewhere between slice-of-life, romance, and business adventure.

Brisbane Adams and Kimberly Taylor had been friends, rivals and potential love interests when they worked in the Minerva Theatre. Just as they were getting close to figuring each other out, the Minerva Theater shut down. As their friends scattered to the winds, Brisbane - now jobless and homeless - was left to fend for himself. The only person he could turn to was his friend, rival and potential love interest, Kimberly Taylor.

The two of them faced the world, both its victories and defeats, together... and cautiously waited to see who would be the one to make the first move - who would say it first...

Then they got married in 2008. And it's still a romance.

It contains very little violence, the kind of swearing you can get away with on daytime TV, implied nudity, and a decent amount of off-panel sex. It's more-or-less safe for work, depending on where you work (and doesn't get any unsafer than what we've linked there).

About Terrence and Isabel Marks
Back in 1999, a college student named Terrence Marks started a comic called Unlike Minerva and, on the other side of the country, a high schooler named Isabel Gonzalez started a comic called Namir Deiter, each unknown to the other. Isabel offered to help draw Terrence's comic (since he wasn't any good at drawing and needed help with that kind of thing), and they started talking. Pretty soon, she was drawing his comic regularly, and you know what that can lead to. Then they got married in 2002. And it's still a romance.

Since then, they've both worked on a number of different comics, usually together, and spend a lot of time thinking about the odds that two strangers would meet instead of missing each other like two regularly-updating ships passing in the night.

Terrence's influences include Jack Benny, Mitsuru Adachi, Carl Barks, Vince Suzukawa, Terry Pratchett, The Zombies, and Isabel Marks. Isabel's influences include Terrence Marks, Terrence Marks, Terrence Marks, and Terrence Marks.

  • Who does what around here?
  • You Say it First is written equally by both Terrence and Isabel. She tends to help out a bit when he writes, and vice versa. Try and guess which arc is written by who! Make a game out of it! Make a drinking game out of it!
    All the drawing and inking is done by Isabel Marks (with occasional coloring help by Terrence). Most of the site work is done by Terrence.

  • How is the story's time-line progressing? Does the comic run in real time?
  • The story of Unlike Minerva took place within the space of a year.  Time moves in You Say it First. Not always at the exact same rate it moves in real life, but it moves.

  • Is You Say it First the sequel to Unlike Minerva?
  • Yes, You Say it First starts shortly after Unlike Minerva ends.

  • Will You Say it First ever be drawn by other artists?
  • While Unlike Minerva was drawn by a rotating team of artists, You Say it First is all Terrence-and-Isabel, all the time. So unless Terrence learns how to draw, no.

  • How did Brisbane and Kimberly meet?
  • For the short explanation... Brisbane was an out-of-luck Vaudeville performer at the Minerva Theater. Kimberly worked a booth there that sold just about everything.  The two aggravated each other while Kimberly flirted with Brisbane and took his money.  The two spent the past few years trying to figure out just how the other feels about them.

    For the long explanation, please read Unlike Minerva.

  • Are Kimberly and Brisbane sleeping together?
  • They got married in 2008. If they haven't by now, something's definitely wrong with their relationship. But they weren't at the beginning of the series.

  • Will any of the other characters from Unlike Minerva come back?
  • As of 2009, Sofia Adams, Emily Pritchard and Richard & Sinclair have regular appearances. Caleb has shown up a few times. Peter showed up to Minervacon. Dr. Marvello, Hodges, Kidneybone Morris, and Tall Hat Tom were at the con but didn't stop to talk to Brisbane or Kimberly. Goliath showed up briefly in the beginning. Who's left? Ed the Lighting Guy and Nina, by our count.

  • Why soapylemon.com?
  • Because Isabel thought it sounded awesome. We initially had another project codenamed "Soapy Lemon", but it got set down before very much work was done on it.

    Brisbane and Kimberly both work at (and are partial owners of) Lemon Technology.
    You can also visit the site using yousayitfirst.com

  • What does Lemon Technology do?
  • They import fragrance compounds for industrial use.

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