Monday, October 10th 2005 - [422]Back at work (1 of 7)
Ms. Taylor

Original Commentary

In the early drafts, Brisbane was just coming to his desk and seeing that Ms. Taylor didn't leave him a to-do list. He'd wonder if it there was anything for him to do today, and whether or not Ms. Taylor noticed that he wasn't there. But he reports directly to the company president and she wouldn't leave him a personalized to-do list every day. And there's a fairly limited number of things that Ms. Taylor needs done that she could delegate to him. He's not incompetant, but he's not qualified to make real decisions. And the line about making coffee was Isabel's idea - both to link it to last Monday's comic and to give you an idea what Brisbane does - Terrence

Modern Commentary
I rewrote this comic, years ago, to remove the reference to vice presidents. We never see them and, as Kimberly and Brisbane rose through the ranks of Lemon Technology, their absence became noticeable.

Then during a revision or a data move or something, the copy that had those changes got overwritten. There were a lot of minor dialogue tweaks but this is the one change that I remember.

I like how Brisbane's day involves making for both of the Taylor women, but mostly I like how his long complicated story is easily summarized in two sentences. - Terrence

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