Thursday, October 20th 2005 - [428]Back at work (6 of 7)
Ms. Taylor

Original Commentary

Yes, he's filed under "E" for "Eyck, Ed Van". It was hard to come up with a good name that can be plausibly alphabetized two ways. I mean, van Buren is obviously filed under V and van Beethoven is an obvious B. I came up with "de Silva", but only after the comic was already up.

The tough part was coming up with a task that was obviously non-productive but not ridiculous. In the early drafts, he was trying to get the company to switch to a smaller size of paper, but that'd be too silly - Terrence

Modern Commentary
Much like the phone system, Brisbane has no idea how to use the company intranet.

But as importantly, there was no succeeding at this task. Anything he did would have been too large or too small.

Is this a clever test or is Ms. Taylor just critical and difficult to please? Yes. Both. - Terrence

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