Friday, October 21st 2005 - [429]Back at work (7 of 7)

Original Commentary

I had to end it on Kimberly's reaction. And her reaction was, of course, shock and disbelief, both at the fact that her mother didn't choose her and that Brisbane didn't make the most of this situation. He doesn't think on his feet like Kimberly does. Originally, she was going to tell him he could've ordered a $49 lunch for them both, but last Friday's comic made that joke redundant - Terrence

Modern Commentary
Ok, the car would've been a little much. Hard to pretend that's under $50 value.

None of that would have stuck. Kimberly would have been demoted. Brisbane would have lost the corner office immediately - Ms. Taylor would have promoted somebody else just to make sure Brisbane didn't keep it.

But Kimberly has ideas. She knows her mother would never give her this chance. Because Ms. Taylor knows that Kimberly has ideas. - Terrence

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