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Lemon Technology
Brisbane Adams
The timid hero of our story. Kimberly's husband. Ms. Taylor's assistant.

Ms. Taylor
Kimberly's mother. President of Lemon Technology. In a complicated relationship with Mr. Taylor.

Patrick Windsor
Trying to make a name for himself in Sales at Lemon Technology's. Has an on-again/off-again relationship with Sofia.

Richard and Sinclair Davis
Kimberly's twin co-workers. She can't tell them apart. Former vaudevillians.

Kimberly Taylor-Adams
The assertive heroine of our story. Brisbane's wife. Head of Sales & Marketing at Lemon Technology.

Mr. Taylor
Kimberly's father. Ms. Taylor's ex-husband. Freelance entrepreneur.

Sandra Windsor
Patrick's innocent little sister. Sofia and Jane's friend. Dating Jake.

Dan Thompson
Shareholder and Head of Product Delivery at Lemon Technology. Ms. Taylor's rival. Brisbane's sometime mentor.

Friends and Neighbors

Sofia Adams
Brisbane's sister. Brant fancier. Works at the Nuggets Cafe. Headstrong, and observant.

Jake Meyer
Freelance computer technician. Gruff and cantankerous. Used to work at Lemon Technology.

Brisbane and Kimberly's apartment manager. Retired wrestling manager who still keeps up with the sport.

Robert Robertson
Brisbane's friend. Jane's ex-boyfriend. Works in IT at Lemon Technology. Afraid of decisions and of disappointing people.

Emily Pritchard
Sofia's friend. Cheerful, and clue-resistant. Has a complicated personal life, not coincidentally.

Jane Meyer
Jake's sister. Robert's ex-girlfriend. Works at Nuggets Cafe. Kind to her friends. Tolerant of Jake and Emily.

The Lounge Guys
They hang out in the lounge, watch a broken TV, and lust after Lola.

Sydney Adams
Brisbane and Sofia's much-older, more successful brother. Quite the ladies' man, to hear him tell it.

All the Rest

Brent and Brenna
Sofia's pets brants.

Michelle Hickman
Caleb's manager, agent, and minder. Bossy and controlling.

Emily's ex-boyfriend. Brisbane's friend. College student.

Marla O'Donnell
Volunteers at the same shelter as Sofia. Her brusque exterior hides a shy interior.

Plays Final Battle Adventure Online with Brisbane and friends. Rumored to be from the exotic land of Sherup.

Dr. Paul
Sofia's straitlaced ex-boyfriend. Brent and Brenna's funny veterinarian

A talented performer. Clueless in other areas. Brisbane's self-absorbed ex-rival.

Veronica Gill
Richard's girlfriend.

Dalton Riggs
Works at the animal shelter that Sofia and Marla volunteer at. He's probably dating Marla.

Kimberly's Grandfather
The majority owner of Lemon Technology. Clarence Taylor's father.

Lemon Technology | Friends and Neighbors | Others
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