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Brisbane Adams
Relatives: Sofia (sister), Sydney (brother)
Relationship Status: married to Kimberly Taylor-Adams

Brisbane was a performer at the Minerva Theatre. Then it closed, leaving him jobless and homeless. With nowhere else to turn, he moved in with Kimberly Taylor. He wasn't ready to for a relationship with his friend/love interest/coprotagonist, so they took things slowly, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

He works as Ms. Taylor's lackey at Lemon Technology, making photocopies, delivering the mail, and arranging her schedule. Brisbane can be painfully passive at times, so he's surrounded by either extremely pushy people or people pathetically as passive as himself.

Brisbane has a degree in French Literature. He had a very bad relationship back when he was in college, which made him hesitant to move forward with Kimberly. Brisbane and Kimberly's relationship had a few shake ups at times, but the two stuck together and on March 23rd 2008, the two were married.

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Kimberly Taylor-Adams
Relatives: Clarence and Constance Taylor (parents)
Relationship Status: married to Brisbane Adams

Kimberly worked a sales-booth at the Minerva Theatre. Then the theatre closed, and she worked her way up to Head of Sales & Marketing at Lemon Technology. Sales is in her blood.

She met Brisbane at the Minerva Theatre. It was an interesting relationship. He thought she was after his money. She enjoyed messing with his mind. The relationship could only get better from there.

She's assertive, frugal, and excitable. She's close to her father. Kimberly doesn't like being compared to her mother, but the two are more similar than either would care to admit.

Kimberly married Brisbane March 23rd 2008.

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Constance Taylor
Age:Mid to late 50s
Relatives: Kimberly (daughter)
Relationship Status: Divorced from Clarence Taylor

Constance Taylor is Kimberly's mother and the President of Lemon Technology. When Kimberly was about ten, Constance divorced Kimberly's father. Ms. Taylor had limited contact with Kimberly over the years. They grew distant and Ms. Taylor blames herself for the faults she sees in Kimberly.

She hired Brisbane as her personal lackey and Kimberly as head of sales and marketing, because she believes in keeping your friends close, and your family closer. She's tyrannical, strong-willed, and has little respect for the people who work for her. Ms. Taylor and her ex-husband have a casual relationship that's limited both by physical distance and their inability to tolerate each other for more than three days at a time.

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Clarence Taylor
Age:Mid to late 50s
Relatives: Kimberly (daughter), unnamed father
Relationship Status: Divorced from Constance Taylor

Clarence Taylor used to be head of accounting at Lemon Technology. He also used to be married to Constance Taylor. Then he invested a lot of money that wasn't really his and lost most of it. After the divorce, he got Kimberly and 15% of the company. Then he "borrowed" her college fund and avoided her until he could pay it back years later.

He's a freelance entrepreneur who invests his time and money in small companies that he hopes will become much bigger. His lighthearted demeanor hides a shrewd business sense. He lives outside of Hippedown, but visits for shareholder meetings and to see Ms. Taylor.

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Patrick Windsor
Relatives: Sandra (sister)
Relationship Status: single

Patrick works for Lemon Technology's sales and marketing department. His parents run a larger business, but he's determined to make a name for himself. He's good at what he does, but is arrogant and doesn't get along well with people he considers beneath him, like Brisbane, Richard, and Sinclair. He's in an on-again/off-again relationship with Sofia.

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Sandra Windsor
Relatives: Patrick (brother)
Relationship Status: dating Jake

Sandra is Patrick's younger sister. She had recently graduated from college when he brought her in to temp at Lemon Technology. She started hanging out with Jane and Sofia shortly afterwards. Unlike Patrick, she decided to work at her family's business. She's a very sociable and innocent person, sees the good in everyone and is always on the go.

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Richard and Sinclair Davis
Relatives: Each other
Relationship Status: Richard is dating Veronica. Sinclair thinks he's in a relationship with Emily.

Richard and Sinclair are fraternal twins. They used to sing novelty songs at the Minerva Theatre. When that closed down, they started working at Lemon Technology's sales and marketing department. Kimberly is their supervisor, but can't tell them apart.

Emily was interested in Richard, but kind-of settled for Sinclair. Officially, they're in an open relationship. In practice, Emily is dating other people and not usually returning his calls.

If one of them is goofing off, it's probably Sinclair. But it's hard to be sure with them, you know?

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Dan Thompson
Age:Early 50s
Relationship Status: single

Head of Product Delivery at Lemon Technology, and owner of about 8% of the company. He wants the company to succeed and serves to counterbalance Ms. Taylor's more eccentric notions. He's been with the company for over thirty years, longer than anyone else except Ms. Taylor. He knows more about the company history than almost anyone else and has acted as a mentor towards Brisbane.

Recently, he seems to have taken an interest in Lola.

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